Obeying the law, both in letter and in spirit, is the foundation on which this Company`s ethical standards are built. All employees and officers must respect and obey the laws, rules, and regulations of areas in which we operate. Although employees and officers are not expected to know the details of each of these laws, rules and regulations, it is important to know enough to determine when to seek advice from supervisors, managers or other appropriate personnel.


A “conflict of interest” exists when a person`s private interest interferes in any way, or even appears to interfere, with the interests of the Company. A conflict situation can arise when an employee or officer takes actions or has interests that may make it difficult to perform his or her Company work objectively and effectively. Conflicts of interest may also arise when an employee or officer (or a member of his or her family) receives improper personal benefits as a result of his or her position in the Company. Loans to, or guarantees of obligations to, employees and officers and their family members by the Company may create conflicts of interest and in certain instances are prohibited by law.It is a conflict of interest for a Company employee or officer to work for a competitor, customer or supplier. You should avoid any direct or indirect business connection with our customers, suppliers or competitors; except as required on our behalf.Conflicts of interest are prohibited as a matter of Company policy, except as approved by the board of directors. Conflicts of interest may not always be clear-cut, so if you have a question, you should consult with your supervisor or follow the procedures set out in the last section. Any employee or officer who becomes aware of a conflict or potential conflict should bring it to the attention of a supervisor, manager, or other appropriate personnel.


Employees and officers are prohibited from taking opportunities that are discovered through the use of corporate property, information or position for themselves without the consent of the partners and/or board of directors. No employee or officer may use corporate property, information or position for personal gain and no employee or officer may compete with the Company directly or indirectly. Employees and officers owe a duty to the Company to advance the Company`s interests when the opportunity to do so arises.


We seek to outperform our competition fairly and honestly. We seek competitive advantages through superior performance never through unethical or illegal business practices. Stealing proprietary information, possessing trade secret information that was obtained without the owner`s consent, or inducing such disclosures by past or present employees of other companies is prohibited. Each employee and officer should endeavor to respect the rights of and deal fairly with the Company`s customers, suppliers, competitors and employees. No employee or officer should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other illegal trade practice.

No employee or officer is permitted to engage in price fixing, bid rigging, allocation of markets or customers, or similar illegal activities.

To maintain the Company`s valuable reputation, compliance with our quality processes and safety requirements is essential. All inspection and testing documents must be handled in accordance with all applicable specifications and requirements.

The purpose of business entertainment and gifts in a commercial setting is to create goodwill and sound working relationships, not to gain unfair advantage with customers. No gift or entertainment should ever be offered, given, provided or accepted by any Company employee or officer, family member of an employee or officer, or agent unless it: (1) is not a cash gift, (2) is consistent with customary business practices, (3) is reasonable in value, (4) cannot be construed as a bribe or payoff and (5) does not violate any laws, regulations or applicable policies of the other party`s organization. Please discuss with your supervisor any gifts or proposed gifts that you are not certain are appropriate.





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